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How to Choose The Right ESD Desoldering Tool?

by NandRepair Team

Most of the repair engineers know about sodering and ESD desoldering station, If you need to repairing/remoworing the SMT boards, IC Circuits or other multi-layer boards, the ESD Desoldering Tool is the best handy tool, for this article, we will reviews somme of the ESD Desoldering stations for you.

What's the difference of soldering station?

AS we know, for different straight-foreare jobs, it need different soldering station.

Contact soldering stations are the most common and popular kind of soldering station, Lead Free Soldering Iron is used to wire the printed PCBs. it usually make use of lead-free solders and is not very expensive one. With many devel-oped nations making regulations favouring lead-free soldering, these stations could come in handy for future applications.

Hot-air rework and desoldering stations is usually used for re-moving components from PCB and re-soldering the broken parts, The reworks station is the impartant part for repair workers, for buyers, there are many factors of consumable the Desoldering, such as price, wether easily use it, the maintenance cost and others.

Quick 201B ESD Desoldering Tool with 90 W heating power, temperature range from 200°C to 450°C. 201B Resoldering Vacuum Pump built-in unique vacuum pump, the suction is more strong.

Lastly, you need to know the some of tips to extend the life of soldering/desoldering stations

1. validate each process of soldering and set to an optimum temperature, where a better-to-best soldering takes place, Avoid setting the highes possible temperature avaiable in a soldering station.

2. thermal shock to the solder tip can be detrimental, avold excess water in the cleaning sponge, which gives thermal shock to solder tips. this paractive extends the life the solder tip

3. don't tap the solder tip on the table or any hard surface.

4. don't try to sharpen the tips by rubbing or grinding when these become blunt

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