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How To Download Phone/Auto Repair software from NandRepair.com

by NandRepair Team

Phone repair software helps you fix the mobile phone more quickly and easily, More and more people likes looking for Mobile repairing software from internet. as for Auto repair software, is the same function as Phone repair software. Don't need too much words, today, we will teach you about how to download software on our website.

1. Open the Link which we sent it to you. Click" Download" as follows photo:

2. If the file is too large, you will be prompted to download the client and then download.

3.  After download, just click this icon to install the client.

4. Click Install, the system will automatically install successfully

5. After installed, Login interface will automatically jump out, please input account, password, then click login.

6. Re-enter the download link in your browser. You will be prompted to enter a verification code. Enter, click "OK"

7. Set download path, download software

If you have any problems during the process of downloading the software, don't forget to send screenshots to Nandrepair@hotmail.com, we will slove it ASAP.




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