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How To Fix Ipad Shows itunes icon and usb cable?

by NandRepair Team

How to solve the problem which the ipad into a white apple? Many users who using ipad will have such experience-during the upgrade process of the system, the screen will display a USB connection to the iTunes logo, or a white Apple logo will appear after the jailbreak, and After entering the wrong password multiple times in a row, the machine automatically locks up and has to be restored to the factory... Even the user will turn into a white apple when upgrading the IOS version. i meet such problem too when i was upgrade my ipad, that's makes me too worried.

So Nand repair list the restore methold as belows:

1. makes your brokes ipad connected to a networked computer that has downloaded iTunes, Using the data cable to connect the ipad to a connected computer that has already downloaded iTunes.When connected, the main interface of iTunes will pop up the prompt "There is a copy of the IPAD.....", click OK, and proceed to the next step.

2. Click "Restore iPad"

When you go to the previous step and click the "OK" button, iTunes will prompt the user to "check for updates" (option 1), or "restore iPad" (option 2)?

User clicks "Restore iPad"

If the user's IOS system version is very low and needs to be upgraded, you can also click to check for updates.

3. System for "software update"

When you click "Restore iPad", the user does not need to operate anymore, and the system automatically downloads the software update. However, at this time, the user must ensure that the data line is not disconnected or disconnected. Once the update is interrupted, the IPAD will return to the "white apple" state.

The download process is based on the network speed, generally 16M broadband, IOS upgrade update takes 40 minutes, and it takes 15 minutes to restore IPAD.

4. Process downloaded software files

When the download task of the software update is completed, the system will process the software files necessary for the downloaded iPad. At this time, the user can find that the system displays "processing file" in the read box above the iTunes.

If this step does not occur, it means that the software update download failed and needs to be back again.

5. Start "iPad Recovery Mode"

When the software update and processing file steps are completed, the system automatically enters the iPad recovery mode (because we clicked “Restore iPad” when we started), iTunes will display the following dialog box or prompt in turn, the user follows the teacher Lei Feng’s Labeling yourself, you don't need to write a text.

6. After completing the "iPad Recovery Mode", users must not disconnect the data cable immediately.

After completing the above steps, it also indicates that the iPad recovery mode has been completed. The iPad has been restored to the factory settings, and the user should not immediately disconnect the iPad from the computer. Check if the loading simulation circle next to the iPad in the upper right corner of iTunes is still running. If it is still running (as shown), it means that the iPad is still recovering and has not completely ended. If the loading simulation circle has disappeared, you can't disconnect because there is still the next step.

7."Welcome to your new iPad"

After completing the above operation, the iTunes interface will enter a new welcome interface - "Welcome to your new iPad." And there are two options, the user can choose "set to new ipad" and "restore from this backup" (this backup is the data backed up on your AppleID, if it is important should choose backup recovery, if not important or not much Backup data can be selected as the new ipad.).


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