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How to Fix iPhone 7/7P Fingerprint Not Working?

by NandRepair Team

It is well known that touch ID chip is exlusively matched with the motherboard, if change a new home button only, the touch ID function disappears as the unique chip is also changed, so if the home button is unfortunately borken, how can we repair it without losing Touch ID? here is the solution

1.turn on the phone, it shows unable to activate touch ID on this iphone

2. Go to settings – Touch ID & passcode – enter your passcode, the fingerprint is grayed out.

3. Take down the home button flex cable. put it under the Digital USB Microscope, cut off from the position close to the original iPhone home button disconnection, take the end of the socket (try to cut a bit longer), we can separate the lines and lid on the original home button, there is a solder point, directly heated with the Quick 861DW hot air rework station, and then pry it with the blade

4. After scraping´╝îapply some tin on it, and then connect the new iPhone fingerprint flex cable.

5. After finish the connection, first we need to test it with a Uni-T UT81B digital multimeter, if the test is successful, we can reinforce it. Cut off a small piece of discarded fingerprint flex cable, use glue to cover the docking area for protection. After the glue has solidified, install it onto the iPhone then test it again. The iphone 7 broken touch ID Hardware Fixed finished.

After the iPhone 7 generation, the fingerprint is not the same as the previous fingerprint. Before the 7th generation, you can change the home button. There is no fingerprint at all. The return and wake-up functions are still there. After the 7th generation, once the fingerprint of the original machine is damaged, it is replaced by another one. Fingerprint function, and even the return function of the Home button is not available.




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