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How to Fix Iphone 8 LCD Screen Is Cracked?

by NandRepair Team

Iphone 8 is popular recently, when you get iphone 8 device, maybe you will meet these problems, such as iPhone 8 broken LCD screen glass-only is broken? is there efficient ways for repair Iphone 8 LCD Screen? here it is, you can check it as follows:

1. need Screen Testing

First you have to test the broken LCD display which with broken glass lens, check if touch/3D touch functionality is ok or not.

2. assembly disply

depart flex cables and remove the display assembly.

3. LCD Screen glass lens separating

you have to stick tape on broken glass, and use LCD Vacuum Separator Machine. Heat up at 690℃ for 30s.

4. POL Removing and OCA&POL Laminating

Remove the POL Film evenly with Glue Removing Machine

5. Align

Use The align mold, Align the Integrated iPhone 8 Glass Lens with Front Bezel with LCD in the align mold correspondingly.

6. Bubble Removing

Put the LCD display assembly into the Bubble Removing Machine for 10 minutes.

Last, connect the lcd display assembly and Phone LCD Repair Pulse Machine, test the LCD display, touch/3D touch functionality.


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