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How to Operate With Lonsdor Product Service Center?

by NandRepair Team

As we know, Lonsdor Company launched many kinds products, for example, SKP1000 Auto key programmer, Lonsdor JLR IMMO, Lonsdor ST-P181 Code reader and lonsdor k518ise renault. Now we release the product service centerfor Lonsdor product, which can help customers to calculate key data to covert data from any place. you can login into center with your email and password.

please note, this service centre is now only supporting with 2 brand cars: Volvo, Maserati, Ferrari.

you can check Operate Guide of " Lonsdor product service" as follows:

Note: This service center is now specific to the following 3 car brands: VOLVO, MASERATI, FERRAR

Step 1:Input user account and password to enter.
Note: The account and password must be the one when you registered our device

Step 2:
Choose your device model

Step 3:
Choose the car model

Step 4:
Choose the key type that you want to transfer data (say ”Key(straight)”, which refers to common keys like S40、C30、C70, etc.)

Step 5: Data conversion operation

1. Device PSN is default.
2. Choose the car type, like S40、C30、C70 ect.
3. Upload the right EEPROM(2) first, and then upload the left EEPROM(1) data.
4. Submit data.

Step 6:
Once submit the data, the system will calculate data and refresh automatically, until the final result shows.
Note: If the data is misplaced, or the data is incorrect, the conversion will fail.

Step 7: Calculating complete, please click to download the data, and put the data in the corresponding folder according to ”Operation Guide”




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