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How to replace The Iphone 8's LCD Screen?

by NandRepair.com

Cracked your iphone 8 screens? how common things! some of people don't want to send it to apple fix service, they try to replace the cracked screen by themself, " i hope i can replaced my iphone screen myself!" how smart! all you just need the tools and some courage, then go on:

Need the Following tools:

iphone repair screw driver

Screen opener tool

LCD separator Device

and others....

1. Remove your iphone 8 bottom screws via a phone repair screw driver.

2. Removing the Screen

3. Let the screen back, Remove other three screws that hold down the battery connector.

4. disconnect the battery

   you can use the case opener tool, remove the LCD, digitizer, and front facing camera assembly, disconnect battery all from the logic board connection.

5. Take Off Screen

6. Remove the ear speaker down and front camera assembly, remove small plastic washer.

7. place the home button into the new assembly. Reinstall the home button ribbon over the home button. Don't forget to secure it by pressing on the end contacts where there is adhesive.

8. Reinstall the LCD shielding plate. Screw it into place. and the same  for the  front camera assembly„ÄĀsmall plastic washer and the ear speaker.

9. connect the iphone 8's battery back tool

10. Done!


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