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how to Reprogramming NAND Flash on Iphone?

by NandRepair Team

if your iphone without factory activation log on the server, you maybe need Reprogramming NAND Flash on Iphone, how to make up a new device id? how to Reprogramming NAND Flash on Iphone? how does the other buyer's said? you can check it as follows.

1. from Robin johns

I purchased the Naviplus Pro 3000S

Have just formatted the Nand using this device and fixed the Nad for 4014 error.

2. from Agregar uno

for the 32 bits and 64 bits, you need a compatible or programmed Nand, baseband and eeprom and they have to be from the same board in that way you have to solder again in the new PCB and in that way it will work. For the WIFI products like iPads and iPods only changing the Nand will work, and YES there's a special tool to reprograming the imei, such as IMEI EEPROM IC Chip Read Write Repair, and you can create a new completely imei and still would activate in the activation process.

3. From sergey nieauie

Yes. For 5s and older, you have to change the baseband, NAND and the baseband prov. On newer ones you change those plus the CPU and ram. So, yes, it is possible, just extremely hard.

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