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How to save Your iPhone X Fell Into Water Damaged?

by NandRepair Team

As we know, APPLE official data says that The waterproof level of iPhoneX is: IP67. unfortunately, IP67 it does't mean your iphoneX is waterproof. The failure of human-induced water inflows is not uncommon. some of customer report after his iphoneX Fell Into Water, it was working but it can't charging anymore. others report The camera lens is now very foggy from the inside. or it is in a completely differeent ways....

Even if the waterproof level reaches IP67. But your iphoneX accidentally entered the liquid, APPLE officially does not give warranty, Apple clearly pointed out that the ipone or ipod immersion damage is no longer within the one-year limited warranty. that's mean, there is only one way, just to repair it from phone repair shop.

So, Today we will sharing about the repair process of watered iphone X, First, you have to know which tools you needed.

1. Stainless Steel Tweezers

2. Multi-Function Limited Torque Screwdriver

3. ppd 861d plus

4. PPD120X A11 Desoldering Rework Station

5. Iphone X PCB Positioning Fixture

6. Uni-T UT81B

7. iSocket Jig For iPhone X

First, we need to disassemble iphoneX, about how to disassemble iphoneX, there are many articles on google, you can read reference news.

Second. Put motherboad on Iphone X PCB Positioning Fixture, Check if the motherboard is in good condition and there is a fault point.

Third. Split the logical part and the baseband part, PPD120X makes you easy separating working on the upper and lower motherboards of iphone X

Fourth. Check IC failure problems, replace IC

Fifth. using PPD120X A11 Desoldering Rework Station, Re-weld the upper/Lower motherboard

Last: install the phone, test full  functions, done!


After the mobile phone enters the water, the components and IC inside are prone to corrosion and oxidation. It is recommended to find a professional maintenance organization for maintenance, so as to avoid unnecessary loss.



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