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How to setting QUICK 861DW temperature and the airflow?

by NandRepair Team

Yestoday, Nandrepair Opened a special column to discuss the user manual of QUICK 861DW, it is a pity that we only talked about 861DW SMD Rework Safety Instruction, in order to help repair technicans using it with The correct method of operation. Now we will Continue this topic-Quick 861DW SMD Rework System Instruction Manual (Part 2)-How to setting QUICK 861DW temperature and the airflow? Let's Go on....

1. Settig of the temperature and the airflow

Firstly, place the SMD rework system on the workbench, and then connect well the power cord and other connection lines, place the handle on the handle holder before witching on the power supply.

2. Temperature Setting

Raise temperature: Click" TEMP ▲" keyand then the temperature will rise 1℃, and the LCD displays the current setting temperature, if pressing " TEMP▲" not loosely at least on second, the setting temperature will rise rapidly, Loose the " TEMP ▲" key until up to the

TEMP▲/ ▼key    Adjust the temperature

AIR  ▲/▼key     Adjust the airflow

CH1&CH2         Set the sound function

CH1&CH3         Into the calibration function

3. Applicable scene

1. It is suitable to the de-soldering of the SMD components, such as SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA and so on.

2. It is suitable to hot shrink, drying, remove lacquer and mucosity, thaw, preheating, disinfect and so on.

3. It is suitable for the situation needing different range airflow, softer and heavier.

4. It is suitable for the hot air lead free de-soldering.

      Next news topic, we will Talk about the key-how to Operate with QUICK 861DW.If you are interested in Nandrepair's articles, Please do remember to register vip members on our website and pay more attention to us!

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