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How To Slove IPhone 7 Black Screen Issue?

by NandRepair.com

Do you meet the iphone7's screen is black or no display? even you test current but is normal, you replaced the iphone screen also don't solve the problem, how to fix it? is there other ways or reair Guide?

First, you have to turn off your iphone, there is no response at the moment

Second, disassemble the iphone7 screen, then disconnect iphone 7 battery. Use your DC Power Supply, Booting current displays normally, yet the phone goes with no display.

Third, disassemble the phone repair power supply, you can change a new display assembly, again Connect the phone with the DC Power Supply and power up.

Fourth, take out the phone 7 logic board, check it

Fifth, Apply some BGA Paste Flux, take down the backlight IC with Hot Air Gun at 320 degrees.

Twelfth, using your Soldering iron, Cleaning the tins.

Lastly, Assemble the phone and test. The phone boots normally with screen display Now, Good Luck!

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