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How to update and Activate Autek IKEY820 Key Programmer

by NandRepair Team

Instruction of update/Activate Autek Ikey820 key programmer, you just need 1 piece of Autek Ikey820 key programmer and usb cable. you will finish the work of update/Activate Autek Ikey820 key programmer functions, let's learn it step by step.

Install update tool on your PC

If the update tool “AUTEK IKEY 820 Update Tool V1.2 is already installed on your PC before, just skip this chapter. If not, you need to install it. If you do not have the setup file, please ask your distributor for it.

Double click the setup file to start installing the update tool

Click "Next" until the finish window, and click finish button to end the install program. There will be a shortcut icon on the desktop,
AUTEK  IKEY 820  Update  Tool  contains three parts including UPDATE, ACTIVATE and MESSAGE from top to bottom.


Take the following steps to update AUTEK IKEY820 device:

1)  Connect device to PC through USB cable;
2)  Open AUTEK IKEY 820 Update Tool in your PC that needs to be on internet;
3)  Select the device in list and input the SN(usually completed automatically);
4)  Click UPDATE button to start updating, wait until the updating completed.

There is something you need to notice in each step.

1)  The device should display “USB SD DISK MODE”when connected to
PC through USB cable, if not, please unplug the USB cable and plug
again.Do not unplug the USB cable or exit from USB SD DISK MODE.
2)  If AUTEK IKEY820 Update Tool is not installed, please install it first,
see detail in chapter 2.
3)  The  DISK and SN should display automatically if the device  is
connected to PC. If the DISK has no device to select, please unplug
the USB cable and plug again.If the DISK has been selected, but SN
is empty, please unplug the USB cable and plug again. If it‟s  still the
same, please input SN your self.The SN should start with “A-”.
4)  It may take several minutes to update, it depends on the speed of your

If  there  is  any  problem,  it  will  display  on  message area,  check according to the message and try again.Here are the pages for updating. The SN is just an example, you should use your own SN.


Activation means add tokens to your device. If your device runs out of tokens or you want to increase the number of tokens, you can use AUTEK IKEY820 Update Tool to increase tokens.

Take the following steps to activate AUTEK IKEY820 device:

1)  Supply power to the AUTEK IKEY820 devicethrough USB/12V DC
2)  Go to the ACTIVATE menu, you will see a page with steps to activate
your device and the REQ CODE which is need in AUTEK IKEY820 Update Tool to get the ANS CODE.
3)  Open AUTEK IKEY820 Update Tool in your PC.
4)  Input the REQ CODE to the AUTEK IKEY820 Update Tool and click ACTIVATE button, then you will get the ANS CODE
5)  Press OK button on the device and there display the page to input
6)  Input the ANS CODE you get in the AUTEK IKEY 820 Update Tool.There are two different
7)  Press OK button and the page will show the result, SUCCESS or FAILED.   
8)  You can check your tokens in the ABOUT menu if you activate your device successfully.


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