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How to use JBT V-GPII IMS C91 JBT-C91 Auto Remote Control

by NandRepair Team

JBT-C91 is a car diagnostic and matching tool based on mobile phones display and operation, V-GPII scanner software can update.JBT V-GPII IMS C91 Car Diagnostic and Matching Tool can communicate with vehicle through bluetooth. It is well suited for auto manufacturing, after-sale service, and trial run.

How to use V-GPII JBT-C91 scanner?

Connected via the USB cable or Bluetooth

Bluetooth VCI box enables the program on the phone to communicate with vehicles through Bluetooth, to do

IMMO system matching
odometer calibration
tooth learning
tire pressure indicator resetting
electronic brake matching
throttle matching
steering angle calibration
maintenance lamp return-to-zero
OBDII diagnosis

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