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How to use JBT V-GPII JBT-C91 Auto Remote Control?

by NandRepair Team

IMS-C91, an auto smart matching device researched and developed by our company, supports Android platform. It has 9 main functions: IMMO system matching, odometer calibration, maintenance lamp return-to-zero, electronic brake matching, throttle matching, steering angle calibration, tooth learning, tire pressure indicator resetting, and remote control manual matching.  And we are in the way of developing battery matching, DPF regeneration, ABS venting. With these functions and interactive interfaces, IMS-C91 is an ideal matching device applicable to many vehicle models.

Adopting the stable and fast operating system-Android, IMS-C91 supports online upgrading, function expansion, voice search for vehicle models, execution record search, personal settings, and feedbacks (coming soon), offering an easier and accurate access to data flow record, real time diagnosis save, historical data search. With user-friendly design and intelligent functions, it outmatches the traditional auto diagnostic device.

IMS-C91 APP Download:

1. Scan the Two-dimensional code.
2. Search "IMS-C91" in "Txappcenter" or "360 Application Market" to download the APP
3. Set personal account and password, then click register.(Account and password consist of 6 to 20 charaters)

How to Use IMS-C91 App:

User Registration

Click IMS-C91 icon to enter registration interface.


First registration must be conducted in the condition that the phone is connected to the Internet.
Fill in the correct mailbox.
Input the verification code recieved , click "next".

After registration, enter the assosiation interface. Input the correct SN number and check code.

Function Options

Login successful, enter home page.
If it tells "An APP wants to start Bluetooth", click "permit" to open it.

Choose Vehicle Model
Choose the specific model based on vehicle series.

More about JBT V-GPII JBT-C91 Auto Remote Control user manual, you can send email to nandrepair@hotmail.com request pdf Version.


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