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How to use JC PCIE iPhone 8 8P X NAND Test Fixture

by NandRepair Team

Nandrepair new arrived iPhone 8/8P/X Nand Programmer, most of people are interested JC PCIE iPhone 8 8P X NAND Test Fixture, Becase this JC Pro1000S PCIE-8 Module not only can working on JC software platform, and but also can working on JC pro1000S machine. Maybe you will ask How to use JC PCIE 8? is there the user manual for video for JC PCIE iPhone 8 8P X NAND Test Fixture? please check it as follows:

Download Operation Platfrom

Open the browser, enter the URL: www.JCXXKEJI.com
Click on the jingcheng maintenance assistant and click the download
The download is complete, upzip the files, the instanllation platfrom
Open the platfrom, Reginster the account, Mobile phone number or email registration
Click login, please install the driver according to computer program
Driver installation( Win7, XP installation general edition) ( Windows 8-win 10 installation special edition)
Pop up the installation box, please press enter key, install driver finished

Itunes brush Machine

Connect device, default brush mode, digital tube display current
Open itunes, itunes bruch machine
Brush machine succeed, Normal error 53 or -1

Platform read and write Operation

Connection device, digital tube display current
Select the hard disk to fix, Put in the hard disk
Click the refrech, choose the right port, Click Contatenon, autolad
Expansion step: Back up kernel data
Put in the hard drive to back up the data, click the backup kernel data, preservation.
Click on the open, Automatically writes the kernel data
Query the information, the contrast is consistent
Expand complete

write the underlying new hard disk

Write on the underlying data(new hard drive need to be used), Connect the device, put the hard disk
Select the model and click write to the bottom
A Key query information, the hard disk kernel data can be modified
Write the underlying data of the new hard disk

Check the information, unbind wifi, and write down the base Query hard disk information;open automatic query; the hard disk kernel data can be modified

unbundling wifi, just click the PCIE unbind WIFI
if you need to write the bottom layer in bulk, click the PCIE batch mode, then you can record the bottom of the batch

Offline Operation

Put in the hard disk and automatically detect the state of the hard disk
Check the WIFI status, if you need to remove wifi binding, click to bind WIFI
Clck read and write bottom, query hard disk Kernel data, can change kernel data
Click on the bottom of the burning record to confirm that the burning record will cover the original data
write to the underlying data( new hard driver need to be used),
Select the model, click on the create the unverlying( Written to the underlying) the kernel data can be modified
After modification, Click on the bottom of the burning record

Expansion Step

Save the hard disk data, insert the SD card, check and save the bottom layer
Check on the bottom layer, automatically save the SD card
Filename: default sequence number
use a large capacity hard disk, write to save the SD card data
Open the file, select the data, burn the bottom layer
Reading bottom layer, the contrast is consistent

Releated user manual from internet, you can check it, any problems, please do report to us.



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