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How To Use Quick 861dw Hot Air Rework Station Safely?

by NandRepair Team

At nowadays mobile phone repair, the Quick 861dw plays a very important role. There is no maintenance master who does not know the Quick 861dw. Quick 861dw Soldering Stations are widely used for electronic appliance repair, electronic integrated circuit and chip soldering, and soldering of electronic engineering PCB circuit boards. Correct use of Quick 861dw can effectively prevent machine damage and use it for longer periods of time. Today, we will talk about how to use Quick 861dw Hot Air Rework Station safely.

How to use Quick 861dw Hot Air Rework Station safely?

1. The air outlet and its surrounding area maybe very hot. Please take great care and not to be burned.

2. After work, the handle must be placed on the holder and never place the handle on the workbench or other places. The unit can be turned off only after it cools below 100℃(sleeping mode) automatically.

3. Please keep the air outlet clear and not be blocked.

4. Do not place the sharp object besides or on the tube.

5. Keep the air outlet at least 2mm from the object.

6. Select the appropriate nozzle according to demands. Differences in temperature may exist when different nozzle is used.

7. Turn off the power switch if not using in a period of time. Disconnect the power cord when not in use for a long time.

8. Handle with care not to shock the unit sharply.

9. A periodically maintenance of the unit is necessary.

10. Don't operate the unit with wet hand or when the power cord is damp to avoid short circuit or electric shock.

11. Never use this unit in flammable gases or near other flammable materials. After using, don’t put it near the flammable gases or materials.

    Of course, if you have other good suggestion about how to rightly use Quick 861dw, you can tell us your differing opinion. Good ideas should share with the network or here, if you want to get more phone repair Soldering Equipment  information, please do feel free to contact nandrepair.

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