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How to use SAIKE 898D 898D+ Soldering Station?

by NandRepair Team

An Hot Air Gun/Soldering Station are very essential Electrionics tools for phone repair or other repair industry. Soldering stations are used for a wide range of applications, from common electronic appliance repairs to electronic integrated circuits and chips that are applied to soldering stations as soldering Equipment , but are most often used for soldering PCBs in electronics factories.

when you work with phone repair, most of technicians will choose SAIKE 898D or SAIKE 898D+. in this articles, we will talk about How to use SAIKE 898D 898D+ Soldering Station. Understanding and paying attention to the method of operation of the soldering station will increase the service life of the machine and save time and money.

  First, Let's check application of SAIKE 898D.


1. Desoldering for a variety of components such as: SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA, etc. (especially for mobile phone cable and cable seat desoldering).
2. For heat shrink, drying, paint, except fools, thawing, preheat, plastic welding.

SAIKE 898D Instructions:

a). Air gun section

1. The rework station is laid out, connect the air gun handle, you must hold the handle in the handle holder, otherwise air gun will not work (the unique security features, effectively prevent air gun in unknown circumstances rests elsewhere cause a fire or other accident).
2. Connect the power supply, the device required air nozzle (try to use or not to use large-diameter nozzle air nozzle)
3. Open air gun power switch, the display window shows "---", then air gun for standby.
4. Work is completed, must be placed in the handle grip frame, then automatically cut off the heating current air gun, sending cold air into the cooling mode the heating element when the temperature is below 100 ℃ Rework Station shows "---" indicates that the machine is about to enter standby mode when heating temperature lower than 70 ℃, the machine state (when there is intermittent breeze when sent, indicating high fever temperature over 70 ℃, only the temperature actually lower than 70 ℃ air will stop working).
5. Operate for long periods, must turn off the power switch.

b). Iron part

1. After the iron handle connected, the handle on the iron holder.
2. Turn on the power switch soldering iron, soldering temperature can be set up as needed during the heating iron indicator light, when the light is flashing regularly iron into the heated state, then be able to work a normal.

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