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How to use vag pin code reader read Vag Security Code?

by NandRepair Team

Need vag pin code reader? Wanna read Vag Security Code for your car with vag key programmer? Here is the detail user guide of vag pin code reader.

New VAG Pin Code Reader VAG Key Programmer Device Via OBD2

Step 1. Locate the OBD2 plug of Vag obd2 pin code reader to the left of the main fuse panel. The main fuse panel is in the driver's side footwell under the steering column.

Step 2. Plug the OBD2 Vag key reader into the access port and turn on the tool. Turn the ignition key to the "On" position but do not start the engine.

Step 3. Waitting for the Vag pin scan tool to read "OK" then press "Read" on the Vag pin reader to Read the Security Code on your vehicle.

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