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Install/Upgrade Guide For Naviplus Pro3000S Programmer

by NandRepair Team

Got one of Naviplus Pro3000 Programmer? but don't know how to update Naviplus Pro3000S? or your Naviplus Pro3000S software is too old? don't worry, just update it as follows, need copy the NK.bin file to an SD or microSD card (more than 2G).

Upgrade description

1. can't put the nand in adapter when install process or machine start up

2. Format the SD card with FAT32, TF card can also be, pay attention to TF card insertion for toward the contact points, and SD card inserted opposite

3. unzip the file and put the bin file to the root of sd card, as follows:

4. when the installation or start up, nand should not be placed on the adapter

5. Click the soft update button

6. installation process will disply real-time, don't ejected the sd when install process, general installation process will be completed within 15 seconds, after completion, the machine will automatically restart and load the latest software version

the operation after updated:

1. if the touchpanel is not sensitive after update, you can make a touchpanel calibration, click the calibrate button in main interface will open the calibration interface, click"+" sign that shows in panel step by step, if the "+" sigh disappear, must click any postion of the screen for save the calibreate coordinate and quit the interface, if power off in the time, the calibreate coordinate will lost and the sytem use the default touch coordinate for use

2. Check the config in the read&write interface for check whether same settings as before the update.

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