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Iphone 5/5S 6-6SP 7/7P NAND BaseBand Reballing Stencil

by NandRepair Team

WL NAND Baseband BGA Reballing Stencil with Fixed Plate for iPhone 5/5S 6-6SP 7/7P, This Plant Tin Steel Net is Easy to use and more accurate IC welding position, is a high quality iphoone BGA IC Repair Machines.
Full SET: Magnetic base + positioning plate + tin mesh

What's the features of NAND BaseBand Reballing Stencil?

1.0.1-0.12mm thickness, high hardness, hardly deformed, increase the success rate on BGA reballing Solder working

2. it is the top quality BGA Reballing Stencil for iphone Baseband CPU and NAND, A10 / A9 / A8 CPU..and 5/5s 6/6p 6s/6sp 7/7p   

3. WL Top quality Fast Speed BGA reballing Solder template stencil Optional Positioning Plate (Black): Not univeral, can't working with different BGA Reballing Stencil, need the right model BGA Reballing Stencil, the Black Positioning Plate just match with the right BGA Reballing Stencil.


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