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Iphone 6 6Plus Adapter Non-Removal Nand Module For NAVI pro3000s

by NandRepair Team

Iphone 6 Non-Removal Adapter bypass icloud no need remove nand Module. Iphone 6 Plus Adapter is the same too. Iphone 6 6Plus Adapter Can be used in NAVIPLUS pro3000s, No need take off motherboard Clip.

Programming can Reading and Rewriting Serial Number
Unlocking kinds of Ipads of Wifi model by changing Serial Number,
Expanding/Updating momeory of  kinds of pads&iphones to 128G or 64G or 32G 

How to use the Ipad Mini2 HDD Disk Nand Fixture?

Nand Flash HDD disk set into the programmer and format, Rewrite the SN number, Bluetooth and  Wifi Address.

When the fist step is ok, please take your Nand Flash HDD disk into fixure socket, then Refresh your IOS system, Then ok, that's All, So easy for everybody!


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