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Iphone 6 No Service And *#06# NO IMEi Number

by NandRepair.com

Iphone 6 is always no service, Dial *#06# When there is out of service, Don't display IMEI Serial number. Have you ever met such problem before? Nowadays, People get information via service all the time, when your iphone always shows no service, that has no any value for you.

Nandrepair-As a professional phone repair tools provider, will give you big help of such solution, you can check as follows:

Tools needed:

Uni-T UT81B Digital Multimeter
Andonstar Digital adsm301 Microscope
Soldering Iron
PPD861D Hot Air Gun
Iphone PCB Fixture Holder
BGA Reballing Stencil
Screw Drivers
Green UV Fluxes Oil

Maintenance process:

First, Power on the phone, Checking “settings”→ “general” → “about phone. ”There is IMEi Serial number. but when you type *#06#, there don't display the Serial number. repeatly power on several times, sometime, when you dial *#06#, there is IMEI no. This kind of trouble is called *#06# no IMEI.this is caused by the problems of buses RFFE1 and RFFE2 buses of the baseband.

The two sets of buses are used by the baseband CPU to manage the signals of the Individual chips. The position of the RFFE1 bus in wuxinji Five star Dongle bitmap is shown as foolows, and the position in the circuit diagram is as shown.

           RFFE bus at the base of the baseband cpu

                                    Circuit diagram

This failure phenomenon occurs in a machine that has fallen, basically the data line of RFFE1_DATA in the figure is disconnected from the U1 pin. Remove the base tape directly after disassembling, from the U1 foot to the test point on the back. The location of the RFFE1_DATA physical test point is shown in the figure.

     Baseband CPU flying line and painted with green oil

Fly the line to the test point and apply the green oil and then attach the base tape. The flying method is as shown in the following two figures.

Put the motherboard on the assembly, re-start on your phone, "NO service" fault doesn't appear any more. all problem fixing well.


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