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Iphone 6 Plus call failed, sometimes no service

by NandRepair Team

Have you ever met your iPhone call failed? sometimes no service? this issue is really annoying, Especially when you have an urgent call, in this article, we are going to give you the solutions that how to fix your iphone 6 plus call failed?

Troubles Error:

Sometimes call failed, Especially when you charging your iphone 6 plus, the signal suddenly disappeared. then with singal again, and is a strong one. sometimes called failure even there is a singnal.

Repairing process:

this kinds of error is mostly cased by two places, one is RF power supply chip, another is U5411_RF; the signal is weak sometimes when charging, basicaly because U5411_RF is damaged or the working conditions are not satisfied.  you can check position of U5411_RF from wuxinji phone service platform as follows:

you can measure the diode value of U5411_R and RFFE bus cale by multimeter digital, measure photo as belows:

When measuring the voltage, when the meter touches the L5408-RF inductor lightly, the inductance is paralyzed, and the inductance of the two hairs is black.

Directly pull out the inductor and connect it directly with tin.Solder with quick 861dw. Plug in the charger and test the signal and the call is normal. The phone is repaired.



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