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iPhone 7 passcode unlock crack tool Operating Introduction:

by NandRepair Team

   when you bought iPhone 7/7P passcode unlock crack tool. Maybe you want to ask many many questions, or some buyer search on google " how to use IP-Box V3 IPhone Passcode Crack Tool?" "how to setting the Client software?", and "how to pre-defined password?"....etc questions.

Here, we list Operating Introduction: iphone 7/7plus Passcode Unlock Equipment

Step 1. Firstly, access the vulnerability interface of limitless input on iphone, entering password continually till it is deactivated for 15 minutes,  you can connect PP assistant( or similar iphone restore tool) to root the system with data protection ( the system version should be rooted higher than the present one so that the vulnerability will occur) If  no vulnerability for system 10.32, please root system 10.32  to system 10.33 or Test Vesion 11. Make sure you root system with data protection (Recovery/Backup the data), or your device will stop working. and you can enable your device by the data protection.

Step 2.  Introduction for ports: 7 ports on the equipment, which includes USB 3.0 data cables for 3 ports, side light sensor port, iPhone and Android port for charging, and the side Android prot is for connecting computer to set password or upgrading.

Step 3.  After entering the vulnerability interface of limitless input, connect device with mobile phone, then fasten the light sensor at the top of screen, the first sensor is cimpatible with first USB port, and so on, you should operate with proper order. Press the first button after equipment 1 shows “connected”, operation is no need after the equipment can input automatically. The equipment will pause automatically if the correct password is matched,  it will beep and remind you, the correct password will displayed on screen,  enter the password into system by yourself.

Step 4.  Software Setting: The default setting arranges frequently-used at the beginning, it will scan other password automatically without repetition. Default setting is 6-digit password since it is popular, if you need setting 4-digit one, please correct by downloading computer control software.There are options for them. If you need setting your desired password, please use software to generate password.

Step 5.  Answer for common problems: if you need setting password without connecting computer, long press the corresponding button for 3 seconds. If fail, try again by outage. If mobile phone is power off automatically during the proccess, it means the electric current is not enough, cannot offer charging for phone at the same time. Solution: 1. change another high-current adapter 2. plug another cable to offer double-charging, if fail , plus another one to offer 3 charging.

(At present only support iPhone 7 and 7 plus), iPhone 6 and 6s also can be unlocked in the future, the software can be updated, you just need to correct equipment with computer to open software. If the speed of other solution can be improved, we will upgrade server immediately for your convenient operation.

Client software download:



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