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JC Pro1000 V2.3 Version Pro1000 Baseband Programmer is released!

by NandRepair Team

2.07 Lastest JC PRO1000 V2.3 Version is released, JC PRO1000 Chip Programmer for iphone Battery Tester / Date Cable Detection and EEPROM IC / Baseband EEPROM IC Reading / Re-writing. it is a multi-functional Phone Programmer.

What's new features of JC Pro1000 V2.3 Version?

Hard disk APP:

1. Some models to repair the bottom of the hard disk failed to extract the problem has been the bottom of the burn machine after the problem
2. Fixed some models of hard disk does not support the bug
3. Support iPhone32 bit, 64-bit hard drive bottom information sd card save
4. Added the bottom of the burn batch mode, hard drive into the automatic burning, Bluetooth, WiFi automatically plus 1

Chip APP:

1. Support iphone4-7P chip read and write
2. Support logic chip, baseband chip read and write
3. Support offline, even two operating modes, even the machine can save the file to the computer
4. Support SD chip data storage and burning

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