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JC Pro1000S Chip Programmer Add New Repair Modules

by NandRepair Team

JC Pro1000S version is updated recently, JC PRO1000 is An highly recommand iphone repair tools, it is iphone chip programmer for iphone batter test, iphone genuine data cable detection,  iPhone logic EEPROM IC and Baseband EEPROM IC (CHIP) Erasing..etc

This month, JC Pro1000S Chip Programmer Add New Repair Modules as follows:

Model10: 32Bit /64 Bit Nand Flash Reading / Re-writing module For Iphone/Ipad

Model12: iphone 7/7p Baseband chip (Qualcomm/ inter EEPROM IC)

Model13: iPhone/iPad 32bit/64bit NAND Flash Reading / Re-writing module

Model14: Lighting Headphone Detection

Model15: PCIE 5SE 6S 6SP 7 7P ipad Pro PCIE NAND Reading / Re-writing module

JC Pro1000 PCIE NAND Module,  Support Re-Flash / Read & Write model,  also can support JC software alone, can be used on JC pro1000 machine

Model16: iPad 2 3 4 icloud Unlock Non-Removal Adapter for JC Pro1000

Support ipad2 (small hard drive), ipad3 (single hard drive), ipad4 free reading/writing serial number, country, model

Model17: iPhone fingerprint Reading / Re-writing module

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