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JIMMY JW31 Cordless Pressure Washer Reviews:

by NandRepair Team

Deemed as one of new items from nandrepair online stores, JIMMY JW31 Cordless Pressure Washer is the new lunched this machine with the competitor price.

Can JIMMY JW31 Wash car at home?

The answer is "yes", JIMMY JW31 Cordless Pressure Washer is an high-pressure cleaners are suitable for cleaning surfaces (floors and bicycle), cars or garden furniture, nearly anything that is not too sensitive and is outside the house. The multi-function nozzle has a total of 5 modes, which can be freely selected according to the use scene: 0 degree mode to accurately wash the tent, 15 degree mode to wash the grill, 25 degree mode to rinse the bicycle, 40 degree mode to water the garden, and shower mode to bathe the pet.

JW31 has compact size, the machine and all the accessories can be put in the specified carrry bag for easier storage in car trunk.

Power cord Free

JW31 comes with 5pcs 2500mAH lithium battery, with-out restriction of power cord, you can wash your car freely. battery pack provice enough run time to wash two cars and takes only 2.5H to recharge, battery pack is detachable from machine for easy recharge and replacement.

JM32 Power

How to wash a Pet?

If you wanna washing your pent, you have to switch to the the Eco mode + shower mode to let the pet Comfortable feeling. to give your pet a more comfortable experience. when cleaning the screen window, it is prescribed to utilize the Eco mode + fan mode to keep the screen from being harmed by water weight.

The last words

JIMMY JW31 is the best Innovative products from xiaomi, you can find it or buy this tools from Nandrepair with price $145.00. Welcome more wholesale consult it, We will give you the best discount.

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