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JMD Handy baby 2 vs Handy Baby, which is more better?

by NandRepair.com

JMD Handy baby 2 is a newly arrive key programmer tools from nandrepair. if you are familiar with Handy Baby. we think this JMD Handy baby II, you are never fell strange. but compare with JMD Handy baby 2 and Handy Baby, which is more better?

Handy-baby ii function:

1. RD&CP: identification chip/edit chip data/deco chip/copy chip
2. Chip-fun: Generate Chip/Chip simulate/Chip transfer
3. Det-Manu: Frequency test/data test/signal detect
4. Remote: Remote renew/Fix Code clone/Fixed code/JMD remote renew(JMD remote by JMD APP)
5. Card-CP: Copy ID/IC card
6. Assistant: Copy Audi/VW 4th/5th/ID8E/assistant online(ALL Key lost)/Assistant information
7. More-fun: functional introduction/simulate as transponder/ECO Mode
8. 96bits-dec: Deco 96bits 48 and copy
9. Setup: Bluetooth/Voice/Voice/Volume/Brightness/version/function list/APP QR Code

JMD Handy baby II vs. Handy Baby


JMD Handy Baby II

JMD Handy Baby
Image handy-baby-ii handy-baby
All the functions of the 1st generation Better Support
Custom 46/48/4D


chip simulation

Support Not support
46/48/4D cloud decode Support Not support
Access card copy Support most Support T5
Smart card unlocking Support Not support
Remote control generation Support Not support
Intelligent voice system Support Not support
Remote control copy of


garage door

Support Not support
8C generation & copy Support Not support
Wireless Bluetooth and App Support Not support
35XX All keys lost Support Support
MQB+ adjusting meter Support Not support
T5/47/AES Chip simulation Support Not support
40/42/44 generation & copy Support Not support

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