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JMD Handy Baby Key Programmer Updated To V8.3.2 version!

by NandRepair Team

Handy Baby Hand-held Car Key Copy Lastest version is V8.3.2. JMD Handy Baby V8.3.2 support  English/Chinese/Spanish/Russian/Portuguese/Turkish. Handy Baby Auto Key Programmer for 4D/46/48 Chips Update Free Online on Offcial Website:

JMD Handy Baby V8.3.2 Update Feature:

Transponder Identify:

11/12/13/33/40/41/42/44/45/46/47/48/49/4A/60/61/62/63/64/65/66/67/68/69/6A/6B/70/71/72/82/83/8C/8E/most smart keys  and detail information about the key

Transponder Clone:

(1)4D/4C/46/11/12/13/33  transponder clone

(2)For Delphi ID48 / before VW IMMO 3.5th ID48 /For Honda ID48/For Volvo ID48 etc.

(3)For Toyota 4D72G dst80/ For Ford 4D83 dst80/ID42/For BMW motorcycle 4D70 dst80/ For Chevorlet Lova 4D70 dst80 transponder clone (online)

(4)For Hyundai/For KIA 4D70 dst80 transponder clone

(5)For VW IMMO 4th ID48 transponder clone(with JMD Assistant)

(6)For Audi 4th generation ID48 clone (with JMD Assistant,A1/A3/TT/Q3 )

 (7) For Audi 5th generation (754c/754J) clone, after clone, remote works too(with JMD Assistant)

 (8) For Audi A6 ID8e clone, after clone, remote works too(with JMD Assistant)

Transponder Edit:

4D/46/48/47/4D dst/8A ect.

Transponder Generate:

ID4D type: JMD blank60/60/Epica60/61/62/63/64/65/66/67/68/69/6A/71/72G/GM 4D70

4C transponder

ID48 type:  For Seat TP22/ For VAG TP23/ For Skoda TP24/ For Audi TP25/ For Seat TA22/ VAG TA23/ For Skoda TA24/ Audi TA25/ For Fiat ID48/ For Jetta ID48

ID46 type: JMD blank46/ Great Wall(STEC)/ Zotye(STEC) / Ha/ma(STEC)/Maple(STEC)/Geely(SETC) /Cherry(STEC)/Zhonghua230/ Zhonghua530/ VW46(2007-2008)/ X-Trail(2008-2009)/

Renault(Maste.II)/ Renault(Trafic II) / Opel(Vivaro) /Opel(Movano)/ For Renault(Espace IV) For Renault(Laguna II)/ For Renault(Velsatis) / For Renault(Twingo)/ Citroen/Fiat/Lancia/

For Peugeot(206/307)/For Mitsubishi/Cruze/For Siemens/Changhe/For Suzuki/For GM/For Beidouxing/Great wall H6(diesel version)

T5 type: 11/12/13/33

ID47 type: For Honda


(1) For Mazda/Ford (China)

(2) For Ford

(3) For Mazda


(1)  D46

(2)  ID4D

Signal Test:

(1)  Frequency Test(remote, ASK/FSK)

(2)  ECU signal test(check the coil works or not)

(3)  Detect the key type in all lost(support 4D/46/48 ect.)

(4)  Data stream detect inD46 type

Data Base about car locksmith:

(1)   Asia cars

(2)   America cars

(3)   Europe cars

in updating……..

Key maker(dump to key):

(1)  Asia cars

(2)  America cars

(3)  Europe cars

In updating…………………..


(1)  For Nissan / For Hyundai/For Honda/For Cherry/For Renault…..

(2)  Get the Pin code of ID46 smart key of Hyundai/For Kia after decode

in updating……….

Update online:

(1)  Handy baby

(2)  JMD Assistant

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