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KEYDIY KD-X2 Procedure: Generate for Nissan Remote and Copy ID46

by NandRepair Team

There is a saying that When a workman wishes to get his work well done, he must have his tools sharpened first. For locksmith repairers, for their opinion, the Technology is important. but Having an good device is also the most important things.

Actually, isn't the tools itself is not good as we imagined, the truth is we are not professional, you always asking how to install software, how to use it or how Realize that function. in my opinion, lost of Procedure and videos are essential. that's why we share this keydiy kd-x2 key remote maker Generate for Nissan Remote and Copy ID46 Chip Procedure

KEYDIY KD-X2 Procedure: Generate for Nissan Remote and Copy ID46 Chip

Step 1: KD-X2 KEYDIY generates the remote

First, Power on KD-X2 Remote Maker, check all run well.  

Test the remote frequency

Connect the chip, the machine with the car

Run the KEYDIY application on the phone

Accept the disclaimer to go on

Go to remote function

Then remote search to generate the remote

First search the remote automatically

Then search it manually

Step 2: KD-X2 KEYDIY copies for Nissan ID46 chip

Go to chip function

Put the transponder in the coil

Detect the transponder:

46 chip


Encryption mode Manchester

Locked for Nissan

Can be copied

Decrypted successfully, please put in KD NB remote or other 46 chip that can be copied (please connect well the NB remote while use wired copy), then press copy button

Generate in process…

ID46 chip is copied successfully

Put the chip into the remote shell to test if it’s working or not

Tested working no issues



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