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NO 3 itunes repair tools fixing itunes error

by NandRepair Team

For an moible phone repair technicans, it is very common that you are meeting the itunes errors, how you solve such troublems? Maybe you will say " restarting the iTunes, checking for updates, updating computer system, rebooting PC, etc" but i will tell the truth which most of time, all these method invalid, you wast much of your time only.

on such situation, we would like to introduce NO 3 itunes repair tools to easily fix any kind of itunes error. There are all from china market, it is very powerfull and significant to repair issues and errors, more important, which is very popular in china market, nearly every phone repair workers wannt to get one.

1. Best iTunes fix tool- JC Pro1000s

Until now, JC Pro1000s optional with 20 kinds of adapters, jc repair pro 1000 Multi-function Programmer For Logic/Baseband IC Chip reading/writing repair, For Iphone Battery Tester and Programmer data Cable recognition/detection. you can choose models as below:

Model1: Pro1000 Data line Cable detection module(APP)
Model2: Pro1000S Iphone lighting earphone check module
Model3: Pro1000 4-6SP eeprom IC Chip reading/Re-writing Test Socket   
Model4: pro1000 4S-5S Baseband EEPROM IC Reading / Re-writing module (stay-in-place, don't need remove IC)
Model5: pro1000 6-6SP Baseband EEPROM IC Reading / Re-writing module (stay-in-place, don't need remove IC)
Model6: pro1000 6-6SP Logic EEPROM IC Reading / Re-writing module (stay-in-place, don't need remove IC)  
Model8: Iphone /8P/X  Photosensitive Repair Module
Model9: PRO1000S N3 battery detection moduleModel10: 32Bit /64 Bit Nand Flash Reading / Re-writing module For Iphone/Ipad
Model11: Pro1000 7-7P Logic Baseband EEPROM IC Reading / Re-writing module ( (stay-in-place, don't need remove IC)
Model12: iphone 7/7p Baseband chip (Qualcomm/ inter EEPROM IC)
Model13: PRO1000S NAND Programmer Reading / Re-writing Module (stay-in-place, don't need remove IC) - For iPhone 6/6P
Model14: JC P7 Nand Repair Programmer(More information, please check Model: PRK128)
Model15: PCIE 5SE 6S 6SP 7 7P ipad Pro PCIE NAND Reading / Re-writing module
Model16: iPad 2 3 4 icloud Unlock Non-Removal Adapter for JC Pro1000
Model17: iPhone 8 / 8 Plus/ iPhone X PCIE NAND Flash IC Programming Tool ( More info, please check PRK101)
Model18: JC Iphone X Non-removal Eeprom Programmer
Model 19: For iPhone 7/7P/8/8P/X Vibration Read/Write Module For iPhone 7/7P/8/8P/X
Model20: For Ipad4/Air Ipad5/Air2 Ipad6 Adapter Non-removal Nand Module

2. Best iTunes fix tool- IP Box II

2018 New arrive from nand repair online store. IP Box II repair perfectly the 6/9/14 itunes Error.

IP-Box V2 Features:

Hard Disk Repair, data extraction, Hard Disk testing
Backup/Write Hard Disk Data ( supports Full Flash Reading/Writing/Erasing)
Update iPhone Hard Disk (upgrade memory)
Read/Write/Fix SPI Flash IC
Backup/Write fingerprint eeprom
for iPhone/for iPad Info Change (SN, WIFI Mac Address, BT Mac Address, Local, Modem)
Detects ID, type, capacity and other information

3. Best iTunes fix tool- JC-P7 PCIE NAND Test Fixture

JC-P7 PCIE NAND Test Fixture is also from JC company, is the same function as JC N3 programmer. it is Designed to Change iPhone NAND underlying data, Serial Number SN / Model / Country / Color modification. JC P7 Nand Repair Programmer not only can working on JC software, but also can working together with JC pro1000S Programmer.


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