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Notice About V2.13 K-TAG KTAG KTM100 V7.003 ECU Programming

by NandRepair Team

K-TAG KTAG KTM100 2.13 Adds more ECUS than other ksuite software. When you use V2.13 K-TAG KTAG KTM100. you have to know some of notice as follows, in case your Ktag K-tag KTM100 Master Version is damaged.

Ktag 2.13 Ktag firmware V7.003 Ktag KTM100 V2.13 No tokens limit


1. Please Use Our Software only

2. Operating System: Better Win XP

This software can be installed on most XP and win7 system. For win8 system, we do not test. If your PC does not fit this software and get error when installation, please use our XP english system.

3. Please Disconnect Internet While Using KTAG, Otherwise it will be damaged

V2.13 K-TAG ECU programmer comes Has Unlimited Tokens. Ktag KTM100 main unit comes with a renew button to charge tokens. Once your tokens run over, just click this button, then tokens will go back to 30 tokens. You can keep using it. No need to change new tokens chip, no need to desolder and program the tokens chip.

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