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PPD120E Or PPD120A Desoldering Station?

by NandRepair Team

     Actally, Desoldering Station/Iron is too important in moible phone repairing, they are sepcial for  for iPhone BGA NAND chipsets A8 A9 open CPU BGA NAND intelligent desoldering. Nandrepair collect this article in order to help more and more users. in case repair worker find a right repair machines.

    Before you want to buy a Desoldering Station, maybe there is hard too choose, PPD120E Or PPD120A? which is better? which one can i buy it?

    The truth is this two Desoldering Iron is nearly the same function, PPD120E Or PPD120A produce from the same manufactory, the operation is the same too.

One of two different is:

1. The appearance is different. PPD120E is more smaller than PPD120A, if you want to save the shipping cost to your county, we think PPD120E is the best choice.

2. if you want to A8 A9 A10 CPU, PPD120E is more easier, becase it come with A8 A9 A10 stencil Grooves, affordable and easy to use custom stencil lettering.


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