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PPD120E PPD 120E A8 A9 Intelligent Welding Platform

by NandRepair Team

PPD120E desoldering station is the latest A8/A9 CPU unsolder tool for iPhone device, to unsolder the A8 A9 CPU from iPhone motherboard, no hot air rework station needed, and PPD120E will not cause any damage to the motherboard. PPD120E is an ideal intelligent disassembly and welding tool for iPhone device.

PPD120E PPD 120E A8 A9 CPU Motherboard Chip Desoldering Unsolder Tool

PPD120E Operation Steps:

1. Power to adjust the temperature.
2. Adjust motherboard position and fix it.
3. Preheat 1 minute.
4. Start to remove the CPU.
5. Complete cutting the glue around CPU, and remove the CUP chip by using a pry.
6. Put the dismantled CPU aside.
7. Set the temperature to 180°C, and clean up residue glue in the CPU slot.
8. Take out motherboard, put the CPU on a hot plate, set the temperature to 180°C and remove the residue glue. DONE.


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