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PPD120E PPD 120E Rework Station Support For Iphone X A11 CPU

by NandRepair Team

2018 PPD120E new property which is an Desoldering Rework Station tool for iPhone A8 A9 A10 A11 CPU. last year, we always saying PPD120E can work with A8 A9 A10 CPU, No need the hot Air Rework station, but now, it also Support For Iphone X A11 CPU!

It is the first time, Apple company used double-layer motherboard technology to weld two separate motherboards(iphone X upper/Lower motherboard) together, in order to to add more technology in 70% of its original area. However, the disadvantage of this clever design is that board-level maintenance will become very difficult. So the professional iphone repair guys need the powerfull Desoldering Rework Station to let their works more easier and Efficient, PPD120E is the innovation and market for this purpose

Some technicians are curious to know how to use PPD120E For Iphone X A11 CPU?

1. Demolition shield temperature adjustment 180℃-220℃
2. In addition to CPU side glue temperature 180℃-220℃
3. Demolition Iphone X A11 the temperature 230℃-240℃
4. Desmearing temperature 180℃-200℃
5. Reball BGA chip temperature 180℃-200℃
6. Soldering Iphone X A11 CPU temperature 190℃-210℃

     At the same time, we also have a product that is very similar to PPD120E, It's called PPD120X A11 CPU Desoldering Rework Station, PPD120X For separating working on the upper/lower iphone X' motherboards, avoid motherboard damaged, If you want to repair iphone X logic board more faster, just try with PPD120X iphone Preheater, it will not let you are disappointed.




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