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Professional cell phone repair tool to promote your repair skill

by NandRepair Team

There are many kinds of phone repair tools, for most phone repair technicans, professional phone repair tool makes them repair phone more easier, and save more time, you can get many cell phone repair manuals and learn skills from others or internent, but you need with some of high quality phone repair tools. here we will list some as follows:

1. HDMI VGA Microscope

HDMI VGA Microscope is special for Phone Watch Repair, Digital Microscope for Phone Logic Board Repair, it is very usefull. 1080P ADSM201 HDMI VGA Microscope is common used on phone repair industry. this device can be used with all PC, so, the USB output model is just an option

2. Hot AIr Rework Station

Quick 861DW 1000W Digital Rework Station is a phone repair tool which is 90% repair man's recommand. you can check Quick 861DW reviews from inthernet, even from aliexpress or ebay. The quick 861DW is a cheap alternative to the higher priced hot air stations that has the power & accuracy to get the job done.You can use it to weld the motherboard, disassemble chips from PCB board.

3. digital thermostat heating platform

digital thermostat heating platform is big enough for repairing all kind of mobile phone circuit board. it accurate temperature control, display and intuitive, practical and can automatically determine the machine heated part of the fault. 946A tablet fever caused by the use of high-quality aluminum alloy, it has a fast heating, high efficiency, temperature uniformity, easy to control temperature and other advantages.

4. Nand fixture

Use this Test Fixture Tools Kit to root and test the NAND Status (Normal or Bad), or test the mainboard and if it is matched with the NAND.Expand NAND Flash Memory storage on ipad / iphone. Re-writing Nand Flash underlying data, Reading & write Nand Flash data for new or used HDD. JC PCIE NAND Flash IC Programming Tool NAND Test Fixture Nand Repair Machine Underlying Data Read Write for iPhone 8 / 8 Plus/ iPhone X, work with JC pro 1000S.

5. Other phone repair tools

Other phone repair tools for repair mans, such as WUXINJIN Dongle, DC power supply, Ribbon Cable For iphone, and LCD Screen Separator.

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