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Programable Soldering Iron MINIDSO TS100 Reviews:

by NandRepair.com

There are many kinds of soldering iron tools, but nandrepair think you should never see such an interesting and pocket size one. It is called TS100 soldering iron.

TS100 Oscilloscope USB Soldering Iron Mini Intelligent CNC TS-100

it has the USB interface and you even can connect it with your computer and do the operation. In addition to, equipped with a OLED screen, it not only shows you the working situations, but also owns the warning function that will alarm you when you exceed the preset highest working temperature.

TS100 soldering iron has a light weight and portable design that convenient in use. More important, it equipped with STM32 processor chip  that ensures the intelligent feature. by the all, it is the best tools for phone repair or other repair industry.

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