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QIANLI THERMAL IMAGER Setup Guide And Download Link

by NandRepair.com

QIANLI THERMAL IMAGER can be quickly and accurately identifies the Phone PCB chips problem, it is an new generation of phone repair quiment, THERMAL IMAGER assists maintenance personnel in troubleshooting problem boards, and greatly improves work efficiency and inspection accuracy.

During the process of your phone repair work, if you encounter the some problems, such as your ihpone PCB leage or short circuit, THERMAL IMAGER will quickly and fastly help you out.

Now, maybe you will ask what's the function of THERMAL IMAGER?

One key to check the motherboard leakage
Monitor the status of the motherboard
Quickly check the short circuit
Comparative analysis quickly find out liers

it is largely application for Mobile phone motherboard leakage, short circuit detection and maintenance, even on Tablet, computer inspection and maintenance.

QIANLI THERMAL IMAGER Software function introduction

1) Second, one-click seconds to check for leakage; real-time diagnosis screen after mouse click to display the leakage position

2) Picture mode, there are infrared and visible light dual mode screens, you can switch between different screens by mouse click switching or shortcut key bar;

3) palette, you can switch between three different display screens, commonly used fusion color observation;

4) Capture, you can take a photo of the storage and maintenance photos for later reference;

(5) Image adjustment, as shown in the above figure, the image can be overlapped by the up, down, left and right buttons of the ring periphery. When the images are coincident, the detection can be started; the left and right buttons can adjust the infrared intensity of the image, and the powerful size can be adjusted according to the actual use;

last, we list QIANLI THERMAL IMAGER software Download Link :


And THERMAL IMAGER Setup Guide, you can check it from youtube


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