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Quick 861DW VS Hakko FR810 rework station, Which is more better?

by NandRepair Team

Quick 861DW is a cheap and common Hot Air Rework station, as we know, 861DW Rework Station and Hakko FR810 rework station all for Mobile Phone BGA desoldering Repairing, Quick 861DW VS Hakko FR810 rework station, Which is more better? you can check as follows:

Quick, powerful heating & airflow. Solder SMCs, RAM ICs, touch ICs effortlessly.

An FR-810 can be seen taking over TWICE the amount of time that the 861DW took to remove large chipsets from a multilayer PCB here. This station dwarfs the Hakko FR-810 and Weller WHA900 in terms of time to heat up, and overall power. I have tried cheaper stations where, after 10 minutes, it couldn't remove an ISL6259, much less a CPU MOSFET. This hot air station is powerful enough to meet most needs even when working with ICs that have a large heatsink pad soldered to a large ground plane. Further, it heats up nearly instantly after turning it on.

Adjusting temperature or airflow on the Hakko FR-810 is worse than programming a 1985 VCR. Even the $1600+ JBC JT-A station requires multiple button taps if you want to change air vs. heat. The Quick 861DW allows you to make changes to temperature or airflow with one click of a button.

Do you have specific airflow & temperature settings you use regularly for different boards? You can store three presets and recall them with one click. The embedded oval around the buttons means you don't even have to take your eyes out of the microscope to find the buttons and click them. It is ergonomically friendly.
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