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R280 Plus CAS4+ BDM Programmer Top 5 Highlights

by NandRepair.com

NandRepair new arrive R280 Plus CAS4+ BDM Programmer. maybe you will ask which is better between R280 plus programmer and R270 prog, here we list R280 Plus CAS4+ BDM Programmer top 5 highlights:

R280 Plus BDM Programmer R280 CAS4 Prog For BMW

R280 plus top 5 highlights:

1. R280 plus is a powerfull motorola microcontroller dedicated programmer, it can work with the newest for bmw motorola MC9S12XEP100 chip(5M48H/1N35H).

2. it allows user to automatically search mileage address and display the mileage.

3. how to use: Remove the chip, directly input the kilometers value, the data is visible and it allows user to arbitrarily read and write /P-flash D-flash data.

4. the lastest generation of processor programmer.

5. using the latest software and hardware, hardware security level is high.

In a word, R280 plus features is powerful, decryption security, becoming the automotive computer repair, data recovery, data tersfer and other professional electronic maintenance engineer.

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