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Rigol DP832/DP832A Is It Worth To Get One?

by NandRepair Team

Rigol DP832 or RIGOL DP832A is it worth to buy? as an customer, maybe you want to reserching for an power supply which is more Valuable? before you want to get a Rigol DP832 or RIGOL DP832A, many electronics enthusiast will consider to that over kill or a waste of money compared to other cheaper supplies?  If you could buy another supply would you buy this one again?

The answer is Rigol DP832 or RIGOL DP832A gets a lot of good press cos it's of reasonably good quality, has a lot of programmability and is just very good, It's all the supply most of us need.

1. Rigol DP832 Programmable Linear DC Power Supply 3

Rigol DP832 DC Power Supply is a three-channel (0 to 30V / 3A, 0 to 30V / 3A and 0 to 5V / 3A), bench-top, programmable, linear DC power supply. DP832 is a triple output power supply. CH1 and CH2 are +30V.

2. RIGOL DP832A 3 Channels Programmable Regulator DC Power Supply

DP832A is a 3 outputs programmable DC Power Supply with pure output, excellent performance, various analysis function and abundant connectivities which can meet different testing need.

There is many factors for why you choose RIGOL DP832 from nandrepair:

The right price
Great features
Decent Accuracy
Highly recommended by many
Great support and following here on the forum
Attractive design
Smart Layout
Intuitive to use

So, before you want to ordered Rigol DP832 or RIGOL DP832A, you have to know the capable of this product, in case it is possible to fit your personal project, in case it can worth every penny.

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