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Safety Instructions Of PPD 861D Plus Hot Air Rework Station

by NandRepair Team

PPD861D Hot Air Gun is nearly same as QUICK 861DW workstation. many technicians don't pay attention to safety, or don't care how to use hot air rework station, Resulting in some accidents that should not be caused. here we list some Safety instructions when you use ppd 861d plus hot air rework station, it also works for other rework station.

1. please avoid the abuse of the dismantling welding table, and use ppd 861d plus according to the instruction manual.

2. The outlet and surrounding may have extremely high temperature, Caution should be taken to prevent scalding.

3. Do not work, the handle must be placed on the handle rack correctly, must not be paced on the work table, other places, after the work is finished, let the machine automatically cool below 100 degrees celsius, state) to turn off the power switch.

4. please keep the outlet open and there is no obstruction.

5. do not put sharp objects on the wind piple, so as not to damage the leather tube.

6. the minimum distance between the outlet and the object is 2mm when used, and the outlet is calculated.

7. Suitable wind Tsui can be selected for different jobs, the temperature may vary slightly with the use of the air nozzle.

8. long after work is finished, please pull out the power plug.

9. handle with care, do not touch the handle or make the machine vibrate strongly

10. do not use it when we or dismantling, so as not to cause short circuit or electric shock.

11. do not use near inflammable gas or other inflammable substances, do not immediately use the machine after use, it is paced around flammable gased or flammable objects.

12. in some areas, such as walls, ceilings, floors, arches or other flammable flammable materials, objects, such as those used in these areas, are likely to ignite these materials and may not be. easily discovered, resulting in property damage and casualties, when working in these areas, do the best the volume of the hot air dismaintling handle moves backwards and forwards, leaving or stopping at at certain point will make the board face, combustion of flammable materials.

13. children do not know the dangers of electrical products, please do not use where children can touch deposit. don't let the child get close and touch.


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