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Six Reason To Choose TY90 Universal Remote Programmer

by NandRepair.com

TY90 Universal Programmer can edit the frequency whatever the frequency is, both fixed code and rolling code. Universal TY90 Sub-remote key is an multi-functional and smart machine to remote. TY90 remote copier for Garage door.

TY90 Universal Remote Programmer TY90 Counter Remote Master

Six Reason To Choose TY90 Universal Remote Programmer

1. TY90 can edit remote with any frequency.What frequency it edit, what frequency the remote is.Stable frequency and support editing repeatedly

2. The only device who can detect Iron General bidirectional data in the market. it can directly copy or make Iron General bidirectional 430.8MHz, 431MHz, 433.92MHz and can detect FSK data.

3. Can copy fixed code and auto original rolling code with edit fixed code and rolling code function.

4. Can ditectly make remotes when remotes lost! it can directly make 100 and more kinds of auto type and hundreds of garage door brand.

5. Remotes have quick launch speed with reliable quality and beautiful packing. Now it has types of Peach wood, Metal slide, B5, A6, Black charming and Extreme.

6. TY90 supports charge with battery, and just need 4 units AA battery, which is suitable for work outside and convenient to take.

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