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Solved: Iphone 6 Plus wifi can be used, But The Signal Is Weak

by NandRepair Team

 One of our customer Complaining about the trouble he encountered, he says that his 6 Plus wifi is very weak, Wifi can be turned on, but the signals of WiFI is poor, if you leave the router far away, there will be no any singnals. Even he tried with almost all the software to fix this problem, it still all the same. how to solve this problems? here, you can find the answers....

Repair Process

   Power on Iphone 6 Plus and self-test, there is only two WiFi. And the siginal is very weak, only one to two. how about the Normal phone? The trouble-free Iphone 6 Plus can search for more than ten hotspots, so the error is judged that is wifi signal is too weak!

Need Phone repair tools:

Motherboad on Motherboard PCB Fixture Platform

quick 861dw hot air rework

Uni-T UT81B

    First, disassembed the iphone 6 plus. Put motherboad on motherboard pcb fixture holder, nandrepair found that the WiFi chip has been replaced, in order to determine whether the Wifi Chip itself with problem or not, first fly an antenna to replace the peripheral antenna circuit. The way of flying the antenna is to fly a 10cm enameled bag from the end of Wifi of C5213_RF. this line acts as an antenna. The WIFi flying antenna position is shown below:

    After flying the antenna, please re-boot and test it again, now it can be able to search for many wifi hotspots, and the wifi signal is already normal. fly vAfter the camouflage antenna, the wifi signal is normal, most of because that the wifi signal filter FL_CELL_WIF_RF is damaged, and the actual application of the filter is removed without any influence on the function. In the repair processing, the direct flying line skip filter is basically used. The position of the flying line position in the PBC dot map is shown as follow:

The physical flying line method is shown in the figure.

    After the fly line is coated with green oil, you have to install and check  wifi is normal as new cellphone, then repairing is successed!


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