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Solved: Iphone 6 Wifi Toggle Button off,No WIFi address

by NandRepair Team

Nowadays, All people are almost inseparable from cell phones, and they can't do without the Internet. If you are having a mobile phone without wifi, I am afraid you have the idea of smashing it. when your phone's Wifi can't turn on, The wifi swtich greyed out, you have toubles to toggle wifi on to connect with the internet, Is your feeling bad?

These days, some of our custome encounter such problems, we just try to help them as follows:

Problem statement

When you check your iphone 6 wifi address, it display" unknown" on your phone.

Maintenance process

Disassembed the problem phones, you will see the Wifi chip has been replaced by someone. remove the wifi chip carefully. then measure pcb pads to ground diode value via digital scope multimeter. it Found that the 26-pin and 28-pin on the wifi chip pad are shorted to ground. check wuxinji phone repair diagram, You will understand These two pins are the power supplied by the WiFi chip itself. As shown in the figure, the short circuit of the power supply to the ground is Certainly not normal.

As shown in the photo, we observe that 6-pin and 28-pin directly connect with a capacitor C5201-RF and inductor L5201-RF. So, we regards that the short-circuited component is only short-circuited by C5201-RF. Check the wuxinji phone service platform  to find the location of C5201-RF:

After removing the capacitor, please Re-measuring the value of the ground diode, obviously without short circuit. Find the same capacitive component. And solder it with hot air gun. install the wifi chip, re-start into the system test, check it.

Now with wifi Toggle Button can be off/on normally, This means that the Wifi grey out problems repairing have been successful!

Last: if you have any questions about this Maintenance process, welcome to send message on us, you also can check other phone repair articles from Nand Repair online store.


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