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Some FAQ About For Volvo VCADS 88890300 Interface

by NandRepair.com

Volvo VCADS 88890300 is designed for maintenance of Volvo trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles. compared with VCADS 88890300 and Volvo VCADS, which is better? Here, CablesMall list Some FAQ About For Volvo VCADS 88890300 Interface. in order to a better understanding of the Vocom 88890300.

For Volvo VCADS 88890300 Truck Scanner Vocom 88890300 Interface

Q: Will VCADS 88890300 Truck Scanner Program Renault ECU?

A: The Vocom interface and PTT software can't Program ECU. only for diagnosis purpose. But if you order volvo Immo tool. It will do.

(For Volvo immo tool: this software is not included the the parcel, if you need this software. you can buy it from cablesmall. this one is used for ECU programming. if you want to program ECU. besides this software. you need to have the flash file for yourself. this one is for offline programming.)

Q: Will VCADS 88890300 Truck Scanner work on the newest renault truck EUro 6 DTi? Using the PPT2.03 software?

A: CablesMall engineer have tested volvo euro 6 useing PTT2.03. But we haven't tested renault truck euro 6. We are not 100% sure.

Q: My car is a little far away from my pc, can i drop the internet and take my pc to diagnose?

A:  yes. you can direct run diagnosis without internet connection.

Q: Volvo VCDS and Vovo Vocom both can test for volvo vehicles. which one software is newer? which can diagnose newer models, such as 2014 and 2015?

A: if you need to work on never volvo vehicles like 2014 or 2015. you'd better choose VCADS 88890300 and buy PTT2.03 software.


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