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Super Dprog5 IMMO Odometer VS Data Smart 3+

by NandRepair Team

We always saying Super Dprog5 fully replace Data Smart 3+, why Super Dprog5 IMMO Odometer can replace Data Smart 3+? it Perform instrument calibration, security immo key match, airbag repair and other functions. Can realize self-diagnosis function, can automatically identify and diagnose system faults. Support ISO9141, CANBUS, and J1850 protocols.

Super Dprog5 IMMO Odometer VS Data Smart 3+ As follows:

1. About Price

Data Smart 3+ Full Version price is more than 600 USD, Super Dprog5 IMMO Odometer Airbag Reset Tool 3 in 1 less than 300USD, The price is the everything, so Super Dprog5 win on price First

2. About Function

DataSmart3+ IMMO with Immo/odometer function, Super Dprog5 is a 3-in-1 Tool with IMMO + Odometer Airbag Reset function, it Support CAN-BUS, J1850, CCD-BUS, ISO9141, SPI, UDS and other protocols. just an OBD connector which can complete all the automatic switching of the protocols by multiple relay intelligent control.

3. support car list

DataSmart3+ Support OBD adaptor odometer corrections for most of vehicles(view the Supported Vehicle List), it Support airbag reset for some of vehicles of airbag ECU: VW, AUDI, SAIL, BENZ, BMW, OPEL, FORD, GM. Super Dprog5 For Volkswagen, For Skoda, Seat 4th security system models (the instrument use NEC+24C64 or NEC+24C32 or Macrons (CDC) or 9s12xhz512 (1M80F) microcontroller).

More question or need purchase the Super Dprog5 Mileage adjustment tool just let us know freely.

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