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T12-11 Lead-free Soldering Station/Iron

by NandRepair Team

The new generation patent heating system improves 3 times of heat efficiency, temperature response speed increases 16 times, the heating performance increases 48 times than traditional soldering station. The time to heat up to 350°C takes only 3 seconds.

Comply with CE standard, electromagnetism compatibility and ESD protection standard

Related connectors and iron holder should connect ground cable to enable ESD protection function.
Accurate temperature control

Unique intelligence temperature control system works with powerful heating system, the temperature management becomes more accurate; the temperature tolerance is within ±5°.

No need to calibrate temperature during operation.

T12-11 Soldering Station

Auto Sleep, Prolongs Soldering Iron Life

When the soldering iron puts back to the iron holder, the soldering tip temperature will automatically reduces to 150°C; when pick up the soldering iron temperature increases to preset value rapidly. The soldering iron life extends to 5 times as well as saving energy.

Triple ESD Protection

T12-11 soldering station uses aircraft grade components, it has much better ESD safe performance than normal soldering station.

Every kind of precision components can be soldered easily.



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