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Ten Reasons To Choose LEISTO T12-11 Soldering Station

by NandRepair.com

LEISTO T12-11 is an top popular Soldering Iron for Cell Phone PCB Repair, Nowadays, more and more repair technicans perfer to the Lead Free and Anti-static Soldering Station. is there any advantage of LEISTO T12-11 Soldering Station? Of course, No trust, how to win the praise of customers from all over the world?

10 reasons to choose LEISTO T12-11:

1. 3 seconds, the experience begins with fast

The new patented heating system increases the thermal efficiency of the soldering station by 3 times, the temperature response speed by 16 times, and the overall heating system performance by 48 times. The extremely fast temperature returns to 350 °C in just 3 seconds.

2. Precision temperature control

The unique intelligent temperature control system perfectly matches the powerful heating system and the temperature management is more precise. It is the world's first soldering station temperature accuracy control within ±5 °C, ensuring stable quality during repetitive production.

3. Triple electrostatic protection, aerospace grade standard

The anti-static technology used for welding components in the aerospace field is better than the anti-static effect of the general soldering station.

Various ceramic capacitors and precision ICs can be easily soldered

4. Adaptive temperature calibration

Based on the internal micro-processing system, the temperature control system eliminates the need for manual temperature calibration during use, greatly simplifying operation and improving work efficiency.

5. DC heating

The highest thermal efficiency and heat stability avoid the adverse effects of electric radiation from high frequency heating cores.

6. Intelligent sleep, the life of the soldering pen is extended by 5 times

The intelligent sleep technology used, when the welding pen is put back into the pen holder, the temperature of the soldering iron head automatically drops to 150 ° C, the temperature of the soldering pen is quickly raised to the set temperature, and the service life of the welding pen is extended by 5 times while saving energy.

7. low temperature welding

The innovative temperature control system can quickly restore the temperature loss of the tip of the soldering pen. Different from the traditional soldering station, the high temperature must be set above 380 °C. The working temperature of T12-11 can be soldered below 300 °C, greatly reducing the risk of damage to components. Improve the quality of welding.

8. plug-in design

No need for any tools to replace the tip, just plug in the bracket to remove the replacement tip, saving time and safer operation.

9. Rich solder pen selection

Nearly 100 kinds of welding pens are selected to meet the needs of various welding processes.

10.  A more comprehensive welding solution

We not only provide LEISTO T12-11 Soldering Station, but more importantly, solve problems in the soldering field, helping customers improve their product quality, increase production efficiency and reduce operating costs. If you wanna become LEISTO resellers or need big quatity, please do contact Nandrepair.




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