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The Right Way to Test Iphone X Batteries

by NandRepair Team

Nowadays, More and more people choose buy iphones, Iphone X is very popular with the fast development cell phone industy, Of course, you will meet many kinds of Iphone X Batteries problems, such is Overheating, lack of capacity ect. some customer want to change a new iphone X's battery, Before you wanna get a new one, there is another problem that how to distinguish it is a good iphoneX battery? Here, Nandrepair will show you the The Right Way to Test Iphone X Batteries. Meanwhile, it need some phone repair tool to meansure it, you have to prepare it first.

1. Battery Activation Plate
2. Universal Charger
3. DC Power Supply
4. IPhone Battery Tester

1. Check Appearance

usually, we can check the iphone X battery's appearance, A good iphone X battery is 100% new one without any used. no oil stains, no cracks and so on. meanwhile, you have to check  the battery terminals are not oxidative blackening.

2. Charging test

you can using the IPhone Battery Tester For iPhone 4 4S 5 5S 5C 6 6P 6S 6SP 7 7P 8G 8P X  to see whether the iphone X's battery can work or not.

3. Drop Test

It is very easy, you just Let the iphone X battery fully charged. let is fall in a naturally way to a 18mm to 22mm plank at the height of 1 meter after 30 minutes. Checking whther the damaged iphone X battery.

4. Soft test

you can check the fully charged cycles by some software, such as iTools, it is playing an important role.

5. Capacity Test

Iphone Battery Data Line Detection Battery Tester Activator, Check the battery charging cycles, battery voltage, battery efficiency, the actual capacity.

The Standard towards phone battery capacity:

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